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Lynette Jee is the inspiration behind and the owner of The Pacific Place, Hawaii’s premier tea company, featuring fine estate teas, tropical Hawaiian teas and herbal blends. Founded in 1996, Lynette began her tea journey by creating proprietary 5-star tea programs for the finest hotels, restaurants and spas in Hawaii. The Pacific Place became the major source for fine teas in establishments such as the Halekulani Hotel, The Kahala Hotel & Resort, The Princeville Resort, Trump Spa, Neiman Marcus and Mavro’s restaurant. A former civil rights attorney, Lynette’s determination to create a premier tea company with a message of health and wellness has earned her the title of “Tea Lady” of Hawaii.

In 2005 she expanded her business and introduced a new flagship retail shop – The Pacific Place Tea Garden Café at Ala Moana Center, Hawaii’s world-class shopping center. The Tea Garden Café showcases fine artisan teas and innovative tea drinks that provide a delicious and healthy alternative to sodas and sugary coffee drinks. She regularly features free Tea Classes to educate customers about the world’s oldest drink. Her quarterly newsletter is now sent to enthusiastic tea followers from around the world who appreciate information about the health benefits of tea, new trends in the tea world and recipe ideas for delicious tea drinks.
Her teas are also available at select specialty stores and Whole Foods Markets here in Hawaii, including her new tea line called SorbeTeas, artisan tea and tisane-based sorbets and gelatos that are low in sugar and brimming with the antioxidant goodness of real tea! SorbeTeas are now available in Whole Foods Markets Hawaii and at The Pacific Place Tea Garden Café at Ala Moana Center.